About Myself - Welcome to my Website

My name is Sophia Tayler, I am a Healer, Teacher, Guide and Ceremonial Master with the Spiritual Mystery School in the US (12th Ray Mystery School in the UK). I have a busy healing practice in both Somerset and London and I have worked in both the voluntary and private sector offering therapies, healings and classes since 2002.

I am passionate about helping my clients reach their full potential. It is such an honour to witness my clients' progression; to see them fulfilling their dreams and understanding their true purpose in Life through the healings and classes I offer.

I wonder if you have ever asked yourself:-

I have always felt, since I was a little girl, that there was so much more to this life than meets the eye and I have been on a quest of self discovery and self development for many years. Sadly, no matter how hard I looked I was never truly able to get these questions answered; it was though a large part of the puzzle was missing. As the years passed, the voice inside me became more and more persistent until finally a wonderful course of events led me to have a 22 strand DNA Activation at the Mind Body Spirit Fair in 2009 and then the Adept 1 Initiation later on that year.

This Activation, together with the tools I received from Adept 1 Initiation began the most amazing process of transformation for me on both a physical, energetic and spiritual level. I had finally found the missing pieces of the puzzle; and here is the crazy thing; they were actually buried deep within myself! My healing practice became more successful, old unhealthy habits began to fall by the wayside and I started to have more Joy in my life! New possibilities opened up for me, old patterns that did not really serve me began to fade into the background and I found that I had so much more energy and purpose in my life!

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My continuing journey through the different levels of healings and classes firstly with the Modern Mystery School and now more recently with the Spiritual Mystery School in America and the 12th Ray Mystery School in the UK have taken me all over the world and has been an amazing, sometimes challenging but always empowering process that certainly shows no sign of ending!

I passionately believe that if I can change anybody can so I invite you to take charge of your life, become the captain of your ship and sail into new and exciting waters with.

What are you waiting for... You could just find, as I did, that the answers to all the questions you have ever asked are buried deep within you – you just need the right key to unlock them.

Love and Blessings 
Sophia xx

Sophia Tayler