Sandalphon’s Integrated Adept Programme – a 4 day journey

Be attuned to the 5 elements of the Universe: Ether, Fire, Air, Water and bring it all into the physicality of Earth.

Well, that could just be the Hierarchy of Light and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light calling out to you and saying, "It’s your time now, if you would like it… we will share the teachings and the knowledge… we will join with you and give you back the things you have forgotten….come if you want to, it’s up to you.."

Sandalphon and 12th Ray Mystery School have their own theme and flavour, (as each Mystery School does). Sandalphon’s theme is that of the Divine Union, Marriage and Divine Family. Bringing all back into oneness with the Divine.

Sandalphon’s Integrated Adept Programme taught by Josephine, Lady Lile, still carries all the essential ingredients of the original Adept Programme, however it also combines more elemental and ceremonial training. It takes place over 4 days – not the original 2 days. The class begins something called the Rites of Ramiel, which, if the student chooses to continue, form part of an on-going monthly study programme leading you through unique training that has never been on this earth plane before. These teachings from Sandalphon come directly from Eve and the Garden of Eden helping bring down Manna from Heaven and all the good things to Earth.

The Rites of Ramiel are one Element of 4 sets of Rites that form the basis of the structure of 12th Ray Mystery School. In working daily with the Rites they change the way you work, thereby re-structuring you. They are Sandalphon’s way of teaching the Qabalah. You live the Tree in every way with the Rites, totally integrating the unfolding Mysteries and Higher Teachings of the Divine. The Rites are timed by the Lunar cycles.

During these 4 days you will begin your journey on the pathway of an Adept. Whilst learning about, and experiencing the elements, you will be handed down Rituals from Sandalphon, the Archangel of 12th Ray Mystery School, which have never been practiced on earth before.

Sandalphon has been awaiting this time, to bring these special gifts into being. Waiting for humankind to be ready. You will be linked up to the Hierarchy of Light and attuned to the Energies of the Mystery School in preparation for initiation into the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light.

This is a wonderful opportunity to fine tune your energies and abilities, learning to connect fully to your higher self, to the ancient energies of the Earth and Divine Contact with Sandalphon being given proper and useful tools of the Adept to enhance your spiritual practice and ‘amp up’ your psychic gifts and energies.

Pre-Requisites: Adam Kadmon Activation

Investment: £333
Taught by Josephine, Lady Lile