Awaken Thyself – An introduction to the Mystery School Linage

If you are a seeker of hidden knowledge and ancient universal wisdom but are not sure where to begin then the Awaken Thyself class is the class for you!

Discover some of the teachings and tools of the Mystery School tradition that empowered the lives of some of the great innovators, scientists, artists and philosophers on the planet through the ages such as Leonardo da Vinci, William Shakespeare, Nichola Tesla, Albert Einstein and Rudolph Steiner.

In this 3-4 hour introductory workshop you will

Join me and determine for yourself if the path of initiation in the mystery school tradition is right for you and just how far you may wish to walk on this ancient path of true wisdom, knowledge and understanding!

This is the perfect opportunity to get those questions answered that you have been longing to ask!

Cost £50
Pre-requisites – None

To book or to find out more please email

Awaken Thyself Awaken Thyself Workshop London