Etheric Healing is a multi-faceted discipline offering healing and relief for people in nearly every area of life.

The etheric energy field is held within the aura and holds your blueprint for health and wellness. When that energy field/blueprint is compromised or disturbed, it can affect you in a number of different ways potentially causing:-

Until the etheric structure is healed, negative energy can stay in your etheric field for up to a decade.

Removing these negative energies allows you to move forward in life with fewer repeats of old patterns as well as a healthier physical body and mind.

Etheric Healing complements the Adam Kadmon Activation and can enable you to release core belief systems and emotional pain that has become lodged in your etheric structure (this is part of the ‘Aura’). I have noticed that clients often become ready to release these issues after the Adam Kadmon Activation and can then choose Etheric Healing to produce more freedom in their lives. The changes people experience after these sessions can be wonderful as there is the potential to change the limitations in the way you think and therefore change the way you live and experience life!

AURA HEALING – in person session

Our physical body is surrounded by an aura (energy field). This energy field has 7 layers and each layer has a specific purpose. The overall purpose of the aura is to protect you physically, mentally, and emotionally, as well as ensure you retain your inherent spiritual connection that you were born with.

When the aura is damaged, it becomes thin, and can acquire dark spots, or even form holes. When small holes form, your life force energy starts to drain out, making it hard to maintain a spiritual practice, focus in meditation, or move forward in manifesting your dreams and life purpose. When there are holes in the aura, ‘opportunistic’ energies can start affecting you, your health, your emotions, and even your ability to think clearly. Have you ever thought to yourself “that is just not me – I wondered what happened” or “I wonder what got into me”?

As you go through life, your physical body as well as your aura can become injured. In fact, the two often go hand in hand. Damage to the physical body – even surgery intended to heal or repair you – can cause stress and impairment to the aura. When this happens, you can have a difficult time achieving full physical recovery and can feel as though you are somehow ‘not back to normal’.

Stored traumatic events or unresolved emotional wounds from the past can also negatively affect the aura. Even unhealthy lifestyle choices such as too much caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs can cause damage.

In this session your aura will be scanned and then restored to its full ability to protect you as well as maintain your energetic integrity. This will ensure that you will be able to retain your life force energy and light.


Through life’s experiences, and even prior to incarnation, people acquire energetic structures in their etheric body. These structures can cause physical problems such as chronic pain or stifled energy flow. Often, they are associated with your defense mechanisms that you created as a “protective” shield and are now inhibiting your growth and expansion. Other times they are the result of a crystallized energy pattern that holds a memory of some past traumatic event. These structures can even result in the actualization of a new physical ailment. The structures present are unique to the individual and must be treated on a case-by-case basis. By removing these structures at the appropriate time, many people experience a sense of relief, release of tension and pressure, and a renewed sense of freedom.

In some individuals, structures also exist that are intended for empowerment and require activation. Such activation can enhance inherent energetic or psychic abilities in the person, empowering them to fulfill their life’s work and purpose.

KARMIC MATRIX REMOVAL – in person session

Karmic Matrix Removal is a form of etheric healing in which the Karmic Matrix is released from your etheric spine. Genetic cording, which attributes to your behaviour patterns, is wrapped around the etheric spine. The etheric spine is the core of your physical structure and the Karmic Matrix is a construct of your family ancestry.

When this karmic matrix is removed, you can release old habits more easily and be free from ancestral influences and limitations. Whatever your ancestors did not clear in their incarnations are held within this matrix for you to have to work on and release! That is an awful lot of excess baggage that really isn’t yours to be holding!

Results will vary from person to person depending on the issues that are stored within your karmic matrix area. All issues will be cleared out and they will be reborn into positive healing light so that they cannot be re-established.


This etheric healing modality removes distortions, habits, patterns, negativity, 'stuck-ness', resistance, trauma responses and more (when you are ready to let go) on every level. This happens in layers, and as you are ready, more layers can be cleared. Whatever is cleared with this modality is gone forever and will not return. Forward motion, new capacities, and new insights are the result.

It is so subtle and graceful that it can take the rest of your energy system several days to notice that the old pattern is no longer there! After this session you may 'catch' your mind trying to look for the old habit and realise it just isn’t there anymore. This wonderful healing modality is finalised with the infusion of sacred symbols into the aura and the toning of a sacred name of God.