Egyptian Healing

Isis Healing

The Goddess Isis was a High Priestess in the Order of Ra and used High Magick to bring joy, passion and abundance into her life and to the lives of those around her.

Isis noticed that many in her community lacked vital energy in spite of leading a healthy lifestyle. The Goddess consulted with Nut who showed her a healing method that quickly realigned the energies back to the brain to create a happier and more vital being. This healing method, now known as Isis Healing, quickly swept throughout Egypt.


Isis Healing can give you more energy, more efficient usage of your brain capacity and increased vitality in your everyday life! This healing can make a huge difference to your state of mind, wellbeing and perception of the world around you! It can start re-programming the mind for happiness and success!

Using the energies of Isis, Osiris, Geb, and Nut, this modality will bring forth a death and rebirth within your emotional body, making it possible for you to embrace the next step in your evolution of consciousness.

Treatment Cost: £55.00

The Isis healing with Sophia came just at the right time in my life! I had gone through many shifts and this healing felt like a complete cleansing of the past, a letting go of what no longer needs to be there and a new beginning, fresh and clean! Apparently, this gives you a whole new emotional body. I did feel a little emotional for a couple of days after, like a cleansing was occurring but then feeling much stronger, and able to get on with things and accomplish tasks with a new lightness. The healing itself is very beautiful and I really felt that we had connected with a powerful and ancient goddess! Sophia is such a reassuring and grounded healer, she has the ability to bring the extraordinary into this ordinary world as if it were the most normal thing! Her voice is very beautiful and takes you to another time! This healing is definitely going to become part of my regular spiritual detox plan!! I also feel connected to this powerful feminine force and I feel stronger in myself too! Thank you Sophia for this great experience!

Ra Protection Healing

The Ra Protection Healing connects you to the tremendous power of the Sun God Ra. This healing clears your energy field of lower vibrations and envelops you with a sealed layer that acts as a protective buffer, filtering out negative and unwanted energies.

After this clearing, you will feel lighter, refreshed, revitalised and free to move about in your normal routine without being easily affected by irritants.

Time: 1 hour
Price: £100