Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your classes and healings come from?

Everything listed on this website comes directly from the Western Mystery School Tradition as handed down through the 12th Ray Mystery School in the UK and The Spiritual Mystery School in the US. This training has been available since the dawn of humanity and is handed down in the oral tradition, from teacher to student (from my mouth to your ear).

Can anyone attend these Classes?

Yes! Due to the transformational power of these tools and teachings, they were once only available to a select few who were deemed worthy of using these tools responsibly. We are now at a time where we are ready to receive these tools and use them constructively. We are living in accelerated times, where information and ideas are transferred faster than ever before. Society is becoming more transparent and we are collectively standing up and saying no to injustice and deceit. These transformational tools are available to be harnessed to create positive change within you and within the world you live in. The classes offered are designed to set you up for success on a fast track to personal transformation.

Are you a religious organization?

No. Activate Your Life is not affiliated with any particular religious system. Anyone and everyone, whatever their beliefs, or not, as the case may be, are welcome. We offer tools that will deepen your spiritual practice, whether you are religious or not. In fact we have students that are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and from other faiths in our classes around the world. Many students find these tools to be complimentary to their religious practice, and use them to enhance and accelerate their spiritual growth.

If these tools and teachings are so important, why do you not offer them for free?

We operate on a principle of equal energy exchange, as represented by the infinity loop as money is a form of energy. Running any form of business requires money, and being trained and certified as an instructor involves travel and training expenses. When you do any professional CPD or training courses you are in effect investing in yourself and this is the same with the courses and healings we offer at Activate your Life. What we offer is powerful. It takes you out of your comfort zone. It requires students who are serious and dedicated, as it’s not just a regular weekend workshop or something to do because you’re bored. The financial commitment serves as a way to filter out those who do not value what we offer, so that we can focus on working with those that do!

Can I do any of your classes/healings on a payment plan?

Absolutely! I am always happy to work out a payment plan that will suite your budget and your situation.

Do you offer Concessions?

Yes! If you are receiving your State Pension then the classes and healings are greatly discounted. Also if you are under the age of 18 the same discounts apply.

Can I do these classes on a drop-in basis?

Yes. Any of the classes can be done individually. I offer a couple that are discounted if you do 2 together so if you did them individually you would simply pay the standard price for each class.

Can I attend any of these classes again after I have completed them?

Yes. You are welcome to redo any of our classes for 30% of their standard prices. Many clients find that they receive greater insights when they audit a class for a 2nd or even 3rd time!

What can I do after I have completed the Classes you offer at Activate Your Life?

If you wish to progress further along the path of initiation, you will be able to receive further advanced training with the 12th Ray Mystery School in the UK, ( and The Spiritual Mystery School ( in the US. The next step would be Power Week, and Ceremonial Master I and II, which is available in Oxford once a year.

Will I feel any different after completing the healings and classes offered?

The transformation you will experience during and after attending any class or healing is highly individual. No two people will experience the same thing at the same time! However I often note from my clients that the experience is ongoing. Some people feel a difference immediately after receiving the The Adam Kadmon Activation, others feel a difference after receiving the Adept Initiation, some people feel different during the classes, while others feel nothing throughout the curriculum, but experience many changes in their lives in the weeks and months that follow. It’s an experience that’s different for everyone, but the most common theme is transformation. You will experience inner transformation at first, which in turn will lead to experiencing changes in the outer world.

How can I learn how to teach these classes?

Power Week is offered by the 12th Ray Mystery School in Oxford and would be your next step towards learning how to teach these classes. In Power Week you will learn how to perform the following Healing Modalities:-

You will learn how to teach the following classes:-

and many more…

If you have any further questions do please get in touch on 07714 329209. I would be delighted to hear from you!