Adam Kadmon Activation – 24 strand DNA Activation

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Activate your DNA and align with your Life Purpose

Your DNA contains the blueprint for who you are – physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually. It is God-given, sacred, and literally defines the uniqueness of you.

The Adam Kadmon Activation will give you deeper and clearer access to the true knowledge of who you are, what your Gifts of the Spirit are and your life purpose.  It can also provide you with the potential to have stronger control over the 4 elements, (Earth, Water, Air and Fire), which enables you to be more in balance emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally.

The Adam Kadmon Activation is here to help you step into your full power, to hold more light, and to understand and fulfill your life’s work and destiny.

What to expect during the Adam Kadmon Activation
This is an alchemical process directly aimed at raising your vibration for the purpose of spiritual and physical transformation. There are 3 parts to this session.

1st Stage; Preparation.  Your aura and physical body are prepared to receive the Adam Kadmon Activation.  In this preparation stage you will receive:

2nd stage; the Adam Kadmon Activation, which is literally a huge infusion of pure light sent directly into the physical and spiritual strands of your DNA which is located within the etheric spine. This light infusion can, in turn, move quickly and effectively through blocks, negative thought patterns and areas of weakness, to assist you in achieving better lifestyle, work and personal choices, to regain control of your life and step up into your power.

3rd Stage; the Adam Kadmon Reading.  A powerful reading based on information received during the activation. It provides insight from both a physical body perspective as well as your spiritual evolution, giving you accurate indicators of what has occurred, what is happening now, as well as what is next for you.

Some of the Benefits people have noted following the Adam Kadmon Activation:-

Accelerate Your Life
  • Awakens areas of the brain and helps improve concentration and focus
  • Helps point you in the right direction on your path of progression in life
  • Brings clarity to your Life Purpose
Experience True Abundance
  • Helps you to access the flow of abundance
  • Awakens and unlocks unused DNA that can be harnessed to create SUCCESS
  • Helps you manifest that which you truly desire and anchors it into the physical
Break Through Personal Blocks
  • Allows you to blast away the blocks that hinder you from growth and success
  • Helps overcome negative patterns
  • Brings balance to all areas of your life.
Improve Your Health
  • Reduces stress
  • Increases energy levels
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Helps you make better lifestyle choices
Strengthen Your Relationships
  • Helps you connect to others in a positive and beneficial way
  • Clears negative family traits that have been passed onto you within your family line
  • Improves self-confidence
Expand Your Ability To Shine
  • Infuses your body with pure Light!
  • This light in turn affects those you interact with in a positive way; “light work’ at its purest!
  • The sky’s the limit!

The Adam Kadmon Activation is the first step on the path of Knowing Thyself! It is a truly empowering experience. It has helped transform so many people’s lives, as well as my own, for the better and I look forward to working with you if you feel this is the path for you!


If you would like to find out more then please call me to arrange your FREE consultation on 07714329209.

Adam Kadmon Activation: £100 Please allow 2 hrs for this healing


"I went to Sophia initially well over a year or so ago to clear up and unblock many things in my life. Ever since I have been going back regularly for a lot of personal work with her as working with Sophia has brought about many positive changes in my life and self. I am more spiritually aware, calm and confident and since working with her I have attracted many great and positive things into my life. I believe she was born to help people be the best version of themselves and her passion, gifts and knowledge are heaven sent and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is a little stuck or looking to be the best person they can possibly be. She is also an absolute pleasure to work with."

P.R. London

“Oh my goodness where do I start ??!!!!

I can fully feel the alignment while I'm standing. I can't explain exactly how my body feels but I guess this is alignment . Maybe finally feel like I'm standing on solid ground. I keep standing up so I can feel it !! 😆 Was an awesome session Sophia & I know this is only first 24 hrs so I can't imagine what's going to happen as the energy fully integrates . I took double dose last night & this morning of the drops as I'm hardcore 😀 I'm feeling pretty amazing & most importantly my head feels clear.

Thank you so much for a fun session, absolutely loved it, so potent & can't wait for part 2 !!”

S.M. London

“My partner suggested I go and visit Sophia for ‘22 strand DNA Activation’ It took me a year and a half. I was finding it difficult to justify spending the fee 'on myself' and finding the right time to go. On reflection I should have listened to my partner and prioritised the activation sooner.

When I met Sophia for the first time a few weeks ago I was like a deflated ball, frustrated and exhausted with the situation I found myself in. I was looking at life through a pin-hole going from one issue to the next and not feeling on top of anything. The most significant change I have found since my activation is how I feel and how I am viewing life. I feel radiant, full of energy and I am no longer looking through a pin-hole instead I can see the horizon, an overview of my life's opportunities. This has materialised in a 2nd interview for a very good position and a review of the direction I have struggled with. Everything is still in progress but I am certainly better equiped to deal with things as they arise.

Sophia was very professional, generous and a pleasure to become acquired with."

S.R. Exeter